Triodia Apparel has sustainability as a company core value because we believe that it is a necessity, not an option.  From using recycled paper for hang tags and cards, to the raw materials, and how they are manufactured and packaged, the ethos is for minimising negative impacts.

With our contemporary dependence on petroleum synthetic textiles, and pesticide intensive cotton, only a tiny percentage of the world’s textile production is currently sustainable. 

Together, the fashion and textile industry are known to be one of the greatest pollution producers on our Planet. 

But we do have other options, as Rachel Carson began pointing out to us in 1962 when she published ‘Silent Spring’, warning of the dangers to all-natural systems from the misuse of chemical pesticides, and she questioned the scope and the direction of modern science, initiating the contemporary environmental movement.

Farmers throughout the world have grown crops for thousands of years without the use of synthetic chemicals.  Today consumers have the choice to champion resources and products that are clean and green.

The organic cotton industry is growing at 50% per year due to consumer support for clean green products.

And it is industrial hemp that stands out as another bright spot for the future of the textile industry because it is one of the fastest growing bio-masses on Earth, without being pesticide dependent.

Globally our population is 7 billion people.  The consumption of clothing items is currently doubling each 20 years since the 1960’s.  Textiles, clothing and footwear touches all of us physically, emotionally, and environmentally.  Consumer awareness and choice is directly responsible for environmental consequences.  Triodia Apparel believes in environmental conservation and minimal impact commerce, regardless of the product or the company that you buy it from. Consume wisely.